Even though Baptist are not (and never have been) protestants, the matter of the Reformation is of importance to us.  Those things gained by the efforts of men like Martin Luther were part of the Apostolic Church and thus part of the body of Christ that came to be known as "Baptists."  Baptists are by no means the only people whose doctrines and practices never included the errors brought by the Roman Church. 


As you view the four sections of this film, please look carefully and think of the following areas of doctrine and practice that are revealed as having been denied or greatly distorted by the Roman Catholic Church.

These and many more are observable in the film.


1. Salvation by GRACE through FAITH ALONE

2. The right to have a Bible IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE

3. The right to READ your Bible

4. The right to interpret the Bible for yourself

5. The error of "reverencing" relics

6. The error of indulgences

7. The error of penance

8. The error of having an earthly priest

9. The error of church hierarchy (Priests, bishops, popes, etc.)  


We have posted the film in four sections. 


The first deals with Luther's decision to leave Law School and become a priest.  It deals with that time sand from his departure from the school until his attaining his "Doctor of Theology" degree.


The second covers a period where, after agreeing to NOT teach heresy, Luther becomes moved by the use and abuse of "relics and indulgences."  That dissatisfaction causes him to challenge the teaching of the Catholic Church. 


The third section find him tricked into attending a "debate" at Worms.  That "debate" is really a TRIAL for Luther!  At that trial he is condemned as a heretic! 

The fourth section shows some of the positive things accomplished by the years of work and ends on a positive note.



The film, "Martin Luther," came into Public Domain in recent years.


Title Author Date Duration
Video 01 MARTIN LUTHER. FILM From Law School to Dr. of Theology Mar 26, 2016 00:24:02
Here Martin Luther is seen seeking TRUTH and purpose. He leaves Law School, enters a monastery, earns a doctorate in Theology, and promises NOT to teach divisive and non-catholic doctrine!
Video 02 MARTIN LUTHER. FLIM - Part 1b Luther sickens from error he sees and winds up on trial. Mar 26, 2016 00:30:04
Greatly disturbed by the use and abuse of relics and indulgences, Luther speaks against both! This and other "differences" lead to Luther called upon to defend his heretical views!
Video 03 - MARTIN LUTHER. FLIM - Part 1c Mar 26, 2016 00:24:58
Luther goes to Worms thinking he is going to debate his opponents. The fact was that his enemies had a trial waiting for him! Being condemned by the emperor and the Pope, he narrowly escapes with unexpected help!
Video 04 - MARTIN LUTHER. FLIM - Part 1d Mar 26, 2016 00:26:34
In hiding, Luther works to translate the Bible into the language of the people. God protects Luther from his enemies, and millions find help from the Word of God!
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