Most of us do not remember the, "Sawdust Trail" that is often referred to in our churches.  But, every now and then a man, message, or moment seem to plant in our minds what those days must have been like!  In this section of our site we want to make available just such times.  Some of these men were preaching from our own pulpit, others were in a different place or even a different era in time.  Let the Spirit of God move your heart and mind closer to the Savior as we give ourselves to the preaching of the Word of God! 


Title Author Date Duration
Audio Evangelist Buster Kinsey 9-23-15 Sep 23, 2015 00:39:28 Dialup
Audio Give It All to God - Evangelist Luke Bishop - 3-20-16 AM Mar 21, 2016 00:31:17 Dialup
Audio It Is Written - It Is Finished - Evangelist Luke Bishop Nov 16, 2015 00:28:58 Dialup
Audio Repentance and Revival - Ken McFadden Nov 16, 2015 00:50:04 Dialup
Audio We Need God - Carl Southerland - 11-8-15 AM Nov 11, 2015 00:46:36 Dialup
Audio We Need God to Move on America - Southerland Jul 21, 2015 00:42:45 Dialup
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