Dr. David Board Sr. is on the Teaching Staff of Berean Bible College.  In addition to

serving as a pastor of two churches and an assistant in three others during his nearly fifty years of service, he has taught Bible Doctrine, Apologetics, and Music in High School and College level.  Because of his health he no longer serves, "full time," but only works about 40 hours a week! 

Title Author Date Duration
Audio Be a Better Christian in 2015 Dr. David Board Sr. Dec 31, 2014 00:45:16 Dialup
Video Do All the Clouds Really Have Silver Linings - Bro. BOARD 4-10-16 PM Streaming Licence # CSPL111455 Apr 14, 2016 00:41:18
Audio God Wants to Use Your Life to Glorify Himself - Bro. Board Dec 14, 2015 00:38:32 Dialup
Audio Six Reasons Why We Have Trouble Dr. David Board Sr. Dec 7, 2014 00:46:35 Dialup
Audio The Family of God - Bro. Board Nov 16, 2015 00:45:56 Dialup
Audio The No Mores of Rev 20 and 21 Bro. David Board Sr. Jan 26, 2016 00:34:17 Dialup
Audio The Power of a Penniless Preacher Dr. David Board Sr. Jun 7, 2015 00:38:42 Dialup
Audio The Unrepentant Prodigal Dr. David Board Sr. Oct 5, 2014 00:45:05 Dialup
Audio Things That Accompany Salvation Dr. David Board Sr. Jul 6, 2015 00:44:59 Dialup
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